YA: Ghost Girl Investigations Series

Message from the author:

My young adult series is full of comedy and teenage drama. You are drawn in to the unique relationship that the main character has with her three best friends. I am excited for this series because of how great it is. Also because this is a book I can market to anyone young or old. Everyone will enjoy the series. My young adult series is meant to bring forth the issues young adults face today such as bullying and sexuality. All of this is presented with humor and unforgettable family drama that takes the sting out of serious issues but gives viable solutions to problems kids may face. I want my daughters, friends, family, and strangers to fall in love with this family of characters with a little ghost story thrown in. This series is inspired by Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, Goonies, Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars, and a little family history thrown in.

With Ghost Girl Investigations, I am able to tell the story of a young girl living with the ability to see ghosts. This in fact comes from personal knowledge. Then I have my main character that has three best friends. Those best friends are based off of real people in my life that I absolutely couldn’t do without and that’s why their names have not been changed. I use my large family as the background for my character. This really allows me to pull from personal experience. It also litters the story with comedic incidents only family members know about each other. Oh and the never forgotten comedy my friendships provide me. I absolutely can’t wait to get this book in the hands of everyone possible. This genre doesn’t limit me to a certain age range for my audience and I would love to draw you all in.


created by coveryourdreams.net

created by coveryourdreams.net

Book 1: Edgewood Drive

Ghost Girl Investigations Series

By CS Dudley

I am currently working on Edgewood Drive: Book 1 of the Ghost Girl Investigations Series under my pen name CS Dudley.


How would you react if your young daughter started having a conversation with thin air? Would you think she was playing? What if she’s only 2 1/2 years old? Hayley sees the auras of most of her ghosts. Some of them are good and some of them are bad but she interacts with them all.

Hayley is now a preteen determined to start her own investigation agency with the help of her ragtag bunch of friends. In this novel you will be introduced to each member of the team and learn the hilarious back stories that make each unique. Along the way the team must solve the dying wish of a ghost 15 years dead. It’s a story of long-lost love and a deep secret.


I don’t know if many of you know this but ghosts are real. I’m living proof. Yeah I know that’s ironic but it’s me. My name is Hayley and I see ghosts. I have since I was just a little girl. It freaked my family out at first but they’ve gotten used to it. I mean, they’ve been dealing with it for about ten years. If they’re aren’t used to it by now I can’t help them.

At first I just saw auras. My ghosts came color coded or that’s how I like to think of them. As I got older, my powers seemed to develop. I can now see what they looked like at the time of death. The colors are just the background now. I am able to communicate with them. Some of them just want help. But others want to terrorize. I try to stay away from those kinds.

This all started for me when I was about 2 1/2. The first ghost I ever saw was pink. My mom would find me up in the middle of the night playing and laughing. I couldn’t help it. She was tickling me. She would tell me to go back to bed. Play time was for daylight hours. Other times she saw me babbling at what she thought was nothing. She would catch me running down the hall like I was being chased. I told her I was playing hide and seek. The pink ghost had found me and I was running to base before she could tag me. Of course, she couldn’t see what I see. But she let me have my imaginary friend.

The Orange ghost was mean to me. It would scream in my ears, pull my hair, and jerk the covers off me while I slept. I would run into my mom’s room crying and tell her he wouldn’t leave me alone. I wouldn’t even go back into my room. I must have slept in her room for months that year. He liked to hide under my bed or in the attic.

There was also a red  He always wanted me to go somewhere with him. when I told my mom she said I wasn’t allowed to talk to him. He liked to stand on the outskirts of our yard waiting for me. My mom warned my brothers and sisters to keep an eye on me when I was outside. It took years for him to finally give up and leave me alone.

When I was about four I was with the lady who kept me. We were driving by a cemetery when I asked her why all the people were there. She took her eyes off the road long enough to look puzzled. She didn’t see who I saw. She wanted to know what people I was talking about. I couldn’t believe she didn’t see all the people standing around. She seemed really scared of me after that and it wasn’t long before she quit babysitting.

Another time, I was with my second mom Kelsey and Marcus at Big Boy’s Burgers. I had a ghost trailing along behind me. Kelsey’s first husband Marcus didn’t want to listen to me talk about ghosts. My ghost didn’t like the way he spoke to me and started throwing ice out of the top of the soda machine. My cousin Kelsey was used to it and just laughed.

The last incident I’m going to tell you about happened at my cousin Jade’s birthday party. It was at the local skating rink. What I couldn’t fathom was the little boy who kept following me around. I went to Kelsey to tell her about him. I told her the boy had been shot by his mom. But he hadn’t died so she stabbed him. I wanted to know why the boy had so many holes. Kelsey didn’t know what to say. She told me to tell the little boy I couldn’t play because I was there for my cousin’s party and it would be rude to ignore the birthday girl.

One night my mom woke up to see a man at the foot of her bed. She thought it was my dad standing there. She asked him what he was doing at the foot of the bed. Then she rolled over to find him still in bed with her. She was really spooked and told my dad she couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to call someone. I know it’s weird, my family is special. That was when my parents got in touch with South Shadows.

Here are a couple of inspirations:

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I am writing this manuscript during NaNoWriMo. So that means I am chopping out enough word counts to have a solid working manuscript for a book I plan to publish. I am currently at 37,894 and writing more daily. I am enjoying writing so much that I thought I would share another excerpt:

Newest Excerpt:

We all got out at Kayti’s since our bikes were there and Ron drove really slowly beside us. “Dad it looks like your stalking us,” Tee complained. “Yeah it’s just right around the corner dad,” Susie whined. He gave us a crazy smile before pulling ahead three houses up in the driveway. I was still laughing as I rode past their driveway, “See you guys tomorrow,” I called out. I rode around the corner to my house and parked my bike inside the fence. My heart-felt so light going into the house. My heart may have been light but my belly was empty. I worked off my sandwich a long time ago. My dad, mom, and Nevaeh were hanging out in the living room. Blair was in her room talking on the phone with Terrance, it sounded like. Rachel hadn’t come back from her mom’s yet. Jeremy had decided to go over there for the night.

I went in search of dinner. I pulled a quick microwave meal out of the freezer. I popped it in for the first three minutes and went to hang out in the doorway to the living room. My dad got up leaving the room. I assumed he went to use the bathroom. “What are you doing babe?” my mom asked. “I’m heating up a freezer dinner. What did you guys have?” I questioned. “It was left-over night,” Nevaeh said with a smile. She loved left-over night. She got to pick what she wanted to eat. On those nights people had all different things on their plates. I liked those nights too, especially if there was meatloaf. “Get up Nevaeh, momma has to pee” my mom said. I heard the ding of the microwave seconds later and went into the kitchen to stir and cook some more. My dad was hanging out in the dining room standing. When he just stood around he was plotting something. I hope he hadn’t plotted it for me. Mom came out of the bathroom and headed to the kitchen to see which dinner I heated up. I turned around putting the dinner back in the microwave for three more minutes.

I just shut the microwave door when my mom started screeching at the top of her lungs. I jumped out of my clothes. Well not really, if that was possible it would have happened. I bet she scared two years off my life. And then she went dead silent and froze. It was a spider! Only a spider could make her do that. My family came with a spider phobia. My mom’s eyes were locked onto a hamster ball propped in the window sill. In that ball was the biggest hairiest spider I had ever seen. I too was frozen to the spot. My heart racing a mile a minute as my eyes refused to move for fear of losing sight of the spider. That’s exactly what my mom was doing. My dad just sat back watching.

This was when I didn’t like my dad. I reserved that dislike for the spider moments. And then the unthinkable happened. The freaking ball started to tilt. That spider was moving, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” I started screaming. And then the ball fell out of the window sill hitting the dining room floor and rolling towards my mom. I about fell out. It was because I held my breath after I finished screaming. I started dancing on my tip-toes in the one spot like I was going to get away. My mom couldn’t move. Her breathing sounded funny and then she hit the floor. My dad who was laughing instantly stopped and rushed over to my mom. “I think you better get rid of that spider before you try to wake her up,” I said with a shaky voice. “Oh yeah,” my dad said frantically picking up the rolling spider. He opened the back door and chucked the ball outside. By the time he closed the door I had collapsed in the floor where I was standing. My legs wouldn’t hold me up anymore once the spider left my vicinity. “I hope you know you’re sleeping on the couch after that. You know that right, when she wakes up?” my head said from between my knees. Nevaeh came flying around the corner in a pair of socks causing her to slide across the floor and fall over my mom passed out body before my dad could stop it. I started to laugh uncontrollably. Then I heard Blair racing downstairs from her room. “Duu duu duu,” I heard her make as she slid down the stairs. It sounded like she was taking them on her backside. I just kept laughing. And then the microwave went off. I didn’t think I was hungry anymore.

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