Thrillers: The Killer Trilogy

Message from the author:

In my thriller genre, I get to express my twisted side. And it is so beautifully twisted. In these stories my characters fight the vilest type of bad guys I can imagine. My characters are complex and involved. Their back stories are fraught with consequences and life experience. They are one of a kind. I am excited by people’s interpretations of my twisted imagination. There isn’t one person who has read Adoptive Personality cover to cover that still doesn’t think about it now no matter how long ago they read it. I am very proud of Adoptive Personality. I told a tale that was but a grain of sand in the landscape of my desert. Those pieces of sand created the diabolical character you meet in the book. The reader feels anger and anguish for the circumstances of her life. My bad guy and my good guy are one in the same. It is twisted and exciting. And the scenes where she discovers herself as a red-blooded woman are enticing and erotic. For the thriller genre, I am proud to add it to readers’ shelves.

My thrillers are coming out as Book 1: Adoptive Personality, Book 2: Abduction at Home, and Book 3: The Downfall of Men; The Killer Trilogy.

Book 1: Adoptive Personality

The Killer Trilogy

By Cassandra Scearce


After killing her alcoholic father and discovering that she was adopted, Eve begins to suspect that her abuse and molestation at his hands was orchestrated the moment she was given up.

As Eve makes her way through life, she discovers a love and passion for sex. After sex had become an act she could not see herself ever doing again, she has come to realize how addicting it is. Now she can’t get enough of it, and she’ll use her addiction in order to see her revenge take shape.

Eve hasn’t given up on her birth mother or her suspicions that she is to blame for the horrific childhood she suffered. Eve is determined to uncover the truth behind her abuse, no matter how many people she has to kill.


To those who will read my story:

My name is Eve Matthews. My life has been anything but easy. I need to tell my story for people to understand the woman I will become.

My story is not a fairy tale but nightmares come to life. I will never let anyone read it while I am alive but after I am gone, everyone will know what I lived through and achieved in my life.

Letting people see my graphic past through my eyes will make them understand why I did what I did.


Eve Matthews


I stalked across the living room floor like a tiger. I could feel the heat creeping up into my neck and face. The anger was escalating. The thoughts entering my mind were full of anguish and torture. I paced the floor as my mind raced.

Eve, you can’t take much more of this. He’s taken everything you’ve ever had and you let him do it! How could you let someone violate you like this and not do anything about it!? You’ve got to stand up for yourself and fight or this will never end. He’ll continue to put his greasy, nasty hands all over your body unless you do something!

I had to do something about him and fast. I thought about suicide. I thought about it every time my father raped me. I thought about finding a way to hang myself. I even searched the silverware drawer to find a knife sharp enough to end my life. I even knew which way to cut my wrists to ensure that if I attempted it, I would succeed. Then I realized I wasn’t the one who needed to die, he was.

And that self-righteous woman who calls herself your mother never does anything to stop him! Better you than me, she always says, as she watches him beat on you. Goddamn it, stand up for yourself once in your pathetic life, you coward!

I finally came to a halt. I realized I had been pacing for hours. I figured I might have worn a hole in the carpet or at the very least made a visible imprint of my path. I leaned close observing the carpet. It had been there as long as I could remember. It wasn’t the thin type that made you feel like you were walking on hard floors. The unattractive green carpet was thick and fluffy in texture. The material was soft under my feet and I could feel the thickness through my slippers.

A hideous plan was brewing in my head. I wonder if I can get away with it. I have to cover all my bases…

Update: I spent time getting my first five chapters of Adoptive Personality formatted back into readable format. I have a pdf for anyone that wants to check out the new professionally edited version. If you thought it was good before, you’ll get sucked in all over again. So I have taken care of it on my blog, email, and social media. If you’re not in on it get on the list now.

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Book 2: Abduction at Home

The Killer Trilogy

By Cassandra Scearce

[the cover  is in the works]


It never seems to end… Why do I see the things I do? I shouldn’t say that, I find justice for the victims. But what if my daughter starts having my special skills? Do I want her to experience the things I have experienced? Could she handle them? But I must save the innocents; it’s why I became a FBI agent in the first place. The impressions and clues I glean from a crime scene help me catch the bad guys. But this new guy, this child killer, he’s bad, real bad. These girls are the same age as Sophie. Wouldn’t I want to prevent another girl like Sophie from this monster? Hell yes, I would!

No one has ever known what I have done, who I am. I’ve been doing this so long they will never know all the young flesh I have tasted. There is no way to connect them to me, but if I don’t do something, how will anyone I ever know my genius? And Agent EmmaLynn, she hunts me and doesn’t even know me. I know her though and I want her to see who I am. Oh EmmaLynn


Follow EmmaLynn Wynter, as she investigates a string of young girls whose bodies have been turning up with strange similarities. As a FBI Agent, she is sought after for the hardest, the unusual. Why? No one knows but she can walk into a crime scene and find things most investigators wouldn’t know to look for. Family heritage has allowed her some special skills that aid her investigations.

And don’t forget the unforgettable ending that Adoptive Personality had. The same is in store for you within these pages.



So how should I dispose of this one? I never get rid of a body the same way. I remain undetected because I take certain precautions. Couldn’t have myself getting caught, now could I? “Carlita, darling, we are at that point in a relationship where our time together is coming to an end. I love everything we have shared but I must be moving on,” I said as I gathered supplied.

I didn’t know at first what I saw written across her face and then I figured it out. It was hopeful dread. She didn’t want to die but she couldn’t take the abuse anymore. She’d been a good partner; scared and accommodating. It was just the combination that set off all of my bells and whistles.

Well, that is except for the other criteria I require. She was wrinkle-free and young, just the way I like them. Her breasts though, they weren’t young, they were full and mature. Purity was also an important requirement. I didn’t share my women and I was the best they were ever going to have.

“Do you have a certain way you want to be found? I have disposed of my women so many different ways and I thought it would be a change of pace to give you a choice. I like variety though so these are the ways you can’t pick: river dump, eaten by hogs, wood chipper, crushed in a car, inside a tree, under concrete, walled up, dismembered, or dissolved in acid,” I ticked off my fingers as I listed the exceptions.

Oh that voluptuous chest rose and fell quickly as the relief of escaping this situation was replaced with fear so strong her bladder released involuntarily. “Oh tsk, tsk. Why did you have to make such a mess? Now I’m going to have to clean that up. Oh well, you can spend that time thinking about how you are want to be disposed of.”


Walking into a crime scene always took the bite out of my step. Every scene revealed itself in many different ways. Today’s crime scene was in an abandoned residential property. Old paper and trash littered the abused floors. The scent of urine expelled long ago carried a stale pungent odor to my nose. Police were holding the gawkers back outside. Police tape had also been wrapped across the broken down porch.

The rooms had been cleared before I arrived so I took my time walking through the house before arriving in the room the victim had been found in. The crime scene techs had been through the rooms. Trash and debris were the only furniture. The body had not been moved as requested. Morgue personnel were waiting to take the body. When the victim was removed, the crime scene techs would finish processing the collection of all the evidence the house could give.

A small crumpled figure lay curled up the corner of the empty room. It felt like a part of me was left behind upon entering the room. Something was missing. The sensation stirred anguish in the pit of my stomach. The body was in pretty bad shape. It was badly burned. Upon examination I realized that only a thick layer of top skin had been burned. It was like someone set the body on fire and then put it out. It was a controlled burn. But that evidence was  known only to me right now. None of that evidence would substantiate my claim until the body had been processed. It was obvious the location was just a body dump. I will have to wait until I receive test results to prove my suspicions. Help me… I heard the whisper come from the corner of the room. “I promise,” I whispered back.


I am working on Abduction at Home but it is on hold during NaNoWriMo. In this thriller Book 2 of The Killer Trilogy I look to pull you into the unique life of my latest character. As a single mother and gifted FBI agent she shows outrage and empathy for victims. But you are also introduced into the mind of the sadistic killer too. Can her gift bring justice to his victims? Can you handle the inside of this killer’s head? Will EmmaLynn figure out who this serial killer is before her daughter is his latest victim? Readers of Adoptive Personality are probably wondering how this will tie into my Killer Trilogy and they will not be disappointed. And the cliffhanger, oh my god, what just happened ending is in store for you within these pages too. When NaNoWriMo is over I will be diving headfirst into finishing this manuscript.

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Book 3: The Downfall of Men

The Killer Trilogy

By Cassandra Scearce

[will update cover in the future]

Message from the author:

I have not started line one for this book but it is in the making. This book will bring the Killer Trilogy to its climatic ending. I know how much more climatic can I get with the endings for both Adoptive Personality and Abduction at Home. I don’t know yet. *evil smirk* But I do have the story idea for it thanks to great fans that I have already made. They just would not sit by with Adoptive Personality being a standalone book. Yup, they know who they are when they read this.


Do you desperately want to know what came of Eve? How do these two books come together to fulfill the Killer Trilogy?

Special Agent EmmaLynn Wynter is looking for another killer. This killer he likes to kidnap young boys that never come home. During a garage sale outing EmmaLynn comes across a hand written manuscript for sale. The seller doesn’t know where it came from. The items were church donations. Reading the opening page makes her purchase the item. Follow her through her current case and finding out what happened to poor sadistic Eve. Because she will find out what happened when she reads the climatic ending. She will use her resources to find Eve.

Eve has gotten on with her life, under another name of course. The only name that matters now is The Downfall of Men. That is the screen name she uses to lure pedifiles in her traps. Marked as the FBI’s most wanted she has cleaned the streets of many. But all they can find is a ghost and a string of bodies. Does EmmaLynn really want to catch someone who is making her job easier by bringing justice to the victims? Taking down pedophiles? Or will they work together to find this latest child predator? And how will that end?

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