Military: The 3% Series

Message from the author:

NaNoWriMo and my friends have inspired more than my thrillers and YA fiction. I now have a military series planned called The 3%. I will use my personal experiences as a military spouse and the friendships I have made along with my talented imagination to give readers unique stories involving my characters and their experiences fighting in the military good or back and the effect it has had on their lives. I am excited to get started.

Possible titles include: Married to the Military, Introverted Infantryman, Madhatter Marine, Fister’s Fury, Manic Medic, Snide Sniper, and Menacing Mechanic.

My military series is planned for the recent future. I want to spot light great things about the military. As well as the dark side that comes along with war. Being a military spouse has introduced me to a small portion of the great people who defend our freedom. And with the help of my friend Alexi that’s how I came up with the series name The 3%. This series will be compelling and action filled. It is important to share stories that mean things to people. That allows them to connect with characters or escape reality for a little while. It is such a great thing to share stories with people who love to discover a new adventure in the next book.

This photo is part of the inspiration for the series. Other photos to follow:


I will begin these books as The Killer Trilogy wraps up and after Book 1 of Ghost Girl Investigations series Edgewood Drive. But they’re coming up so get ready…

I have also started a series of reader’s inspired short stories. Some of which are military like A Second Chance. Keep your eye on the homepage for more shorts within this genre.

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