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Book 1: Adoptive Personality

The Killer Trilogy

By Cassandra Scearce


After killing her alcoholic father and discovering that she was adopted, Eve begins to suspect that her abuse and molestation at his hands was orchestrated the moment she was given up.

As Eve makes her way through life, she discovers a love and passion for sex. After sex had become an act she could not see herself ever doing again, she has come to realize how addicting it is. Now she can’t get enough of it, and she’ll use her addiction in order to see her revenge take shape.

Eve hasn’t given up on her birth mother or her suspicions that she is to blame for the horrific childhood she suffered. Eve is determined to uncover the truth behind her abuse, no matter how many people she has to kill.


To those who will read my story:

My name is Eve Matthews. My life has been anything but easy. I need to tell my story for people to understand the woman I will become.

My story is not a fairy tale but nightmares come to life. I will never let anyone read it while I am alive but after I am gone, everyone will know what I lived through and achieved in my life.

Letting people see my graphic past through my eyes will make them understand why I did what I did.


Eve Matthews


I stalked across the living room floor like a tiger. I could feel the heat creeping up into my neck and face. The anger was escalating. The thoughts entering my mind were full of anguish and torture. I paced the floor as my mind raced.

Eve, you can’t take much more of this. He’s taken everything you’ve ever had and you let him do it! How could you let someone violate you like this and not do anything about it!? You’ve got to stand up for yourself and fight or this will never end. He’ll continue to put his greasy, nasty hands all over your body unless you do something!

I had to do something about him and fast. I thought about suicide. I thought about it every time my father raped me. I thought about finding a way to hang myself. I even searched the silverware drawer to find a knife sharp enough to end my life. I even knew which way to cut my wrists to ensure that if I attempted it, I would succeed. Then I realized I wasn’t the one who needed to die, he was.

And that self-righteous woman who calls herself your mother never does anything to stop him! Better you than me, she always says, as she watches him beat on you. Goddamn it, stand up for yourself once in your pathetic life, you coward!

I finally came to a halt. I realized I had been pacing for hours. I figured I might have worn a hole in the carpet or at the very least made a visible imprint of my path. I leaned close observing the carpet. It had been there as long as I could remember. It wasn’t the thin type that made you feel like you were walking on hard floors. The unattractive green carpet was thick and fluffy in texture. The material was soft under my feet and I could feel the thickness through my slippers.

A hideous plan was brewing in my head. I wonder if I can get away with it. I have to cover all my bases…

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