About me

My name is Cassandra Scearce, but I prefer Cassie. I was raised around books. Books have been a part of my life because of my mom. She is an avid reader and book nerd. I inherited that love of books. I also love to tell stories and excelled at writing. Reading Dean Koontz made me want to write books. When I was just 19 I came up with the story that appears within Adoptive Personality. Since then I have limitless ideas for future books. I also write about everything story line related on my blog Writ3r Addiction.

When I began to tell stories I realized I could create a world and characters to get lost in. In any genre I write, I try to embody the character so their life jumps off the page. My thrillers are disturbing and twisted. My thrillers come with cliffhanger endings. My young adult are family oriented gut busting laughter with some ghost encounters mixed in. The military series, they are drama filled and emotional. My love of books has inspired the many creations I put to print.

My thrillers come from my diabolical twisted imagination. My young adult are influenced by my family and friends. The military are inspired by my life experience and connections I’ve made through the military. My short stories are meant to bring out emotional bursts of hope and faith.

So check out my books and step into my world of wonder where you can find a book by the same author no matter your genre tastes.

I have spent almost my entire working life working as a waitress for everything from pancakes to steaks and seafood. I also spent a great deal of time working in a secretarial capacity at Danville Community College. I am an avid reader. I have a bookworm tattooed on my ribs as well as 12 others. I always have a book somewhere waiting to be read. I love to write and I’m good at it. That’s me in a nutshell…

Thank you to Sally Popu, http://www.sallypictures.com, for taking such a beautiful photo.

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