I am Speaking Out about your lying a**

I have been thinking about speaking my piece on some of the hot button trending things lately. Well I decided to begin with Ms.Rachel Dolezal. I came across her story originally on Facebook. Sometimes I check things out from my newsfeed. It was a story about hate crimes. The entire article inflamed me and I’m not claiming to be black. I am a white girl. Well, I take that back. I am tan from the tank top up. I generally do that in the summer time. At no time have I ever claimed to be anything other than a white girl. I speak out on behalf of black people. I have no problems with interracial relationships. I am an advocate for the human race. In my eyes, everyone bleeds the same color. And I do all of that as a white girl.

I take no issue with you being a leader of an NAACP chapter. I take no offense over you fighting for African American rights in this country when they still are sorely needed. What I take issue with is the fact that you lied about your heritage. Most African Americans take pride in their heritage. I’m not saying there aren’t any, but I never met a black person who claimed they were white. I believe that ended sometime after slavery was abolished. You presented yourself as a black woman. You did not correct important events that happened in your life. You perpetrated their mistake about your heritage to use for your advantage. Why can’t you be a mother of bi-racial children who grew up in a multi-racial family with adopted siblings?

And then the one that really lights my gossip flame… You have reported hate crimes and used race to get what you want whether you were claiming to be white or black. Matt Lauer brought up an incident where Rachel claimed to be fighting for the rights of white pregnant women. Come on… I might could have gotten past the big lie until you claimed to be white to get the end result you wanted. You can’t change your identity to suit the situation. Your identity is how you feel your whole life. Yes, everyone has little or big changes that affect the person and identity they have but come on, really????? And, something that just popped into my head, because random stuff does that all the time… How can you be the victim of a hate crime involving a minority when you aren’t a minority? She didn’t just do this once. She has been the victim of 9 different hate crimes.


As I watched her interview with Matt Lauer I became more and more disgusted with her. She is shaming all the great work she has done because she perpetrated herself to be something she is not. A cloud hangs over the work she accomplished. How can you say you can’t be a mother to bi-racial children as a white woman? You call yourself an advocate? You make women look bad, lady! I know all kinds of women who identify, as you use the phrase, with the black community. I see white women that fix their hair in African American hair styles. What I don’t see is them claiming to be black. Did your children even know you were lying about this? Haven’t they met their grandparents? They know they are white, right? I want to poke her with a really sharp stick about a half dozen hundred times.


She actually thinks she is bringing issues to light that are important. She is clouding every important issue she ever stood up for. The thing she has done is unite white and black people together in the disgust they feel towards someone claiming to be another race. She could have fought for all of her issues as a white woman with mixed children. She could have even kept her appearance she has now and advocated as a white woman. When asked why she looks bi-racial she could have expanded on her fight for a person to feel anyway they choose.


She is offended that people accuse her of putting on a blackface. That is exactly what she did for years to everyone. You are claiming another man is your father. I claim my step-daughter as mine but I never mislead people into thinking she doesn’t have another mother. Oh, how I feel for your parents. Do I blame them for bursting your lie bubble? Absolutely not! Do I think your family is downgrading the things you have accomplished in your life? No, I don’t! They are proud of you and your accomplishments. They just don’t understand, like I don’t understand why you had to make everyone think you were black! And you had the nerve to report hate crimes made against yourself! Can you be brought up on charges for filing false reports? I’m going to cut myself off at this point and go run on a treadmill as a white girl…

Until next time people…



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