Keeping Up with The Voice: Season 7, Winner Announced

I can’t believe it’s the end of season 7 for The Voice. I just love this show. I can’t sing with someone else’s voice but I love seeing them make their wishes come true. Talent and music, as well as, dance deserve to be praised. Let’s see who the winner is…

Live Finale

It’s down to Damien, Craig Wayne Boyd, Chris Jamison, and Matt McAndrew. I still want Matt to win but I have to say that Damien and Matt have been artists I was rooting for during the Blinds. I have to mention this as they are playing portions of last night. By far the best coach so far in 7 seasons is Pharrell Williams. I love the banter back and forth between Blake and Adam. I am on the edge of my seat when he is battling the other coaches for a four chair turn. But Pharrell has caused the most change in his artists. He has so much experience in the whole music scene. He gives real critiques and great advice. So for all the seasons I’m giving it to Pharrell for best coaching so far. Now back to the episode…

The top 20 sing “Pompeii”. They are harmonizing together really well. Damien felt weird during his part. When the four of them harmonized it wasn’t good. But when all 20 sing together it is. Oh man, it’s Elijah. I wish he was still in it. The top four were the only ones who had solitary verses. I didn’t much care for the performance. I thought it was boring. There is quite a lineup of singers before we find out the winner of the voice.

Craig teams up with Danica Shirey, Sugar Joans, and Taylor Brashears to sing “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”. Oh, I love the way he started it, very sexy. This song is perfect for Craig, wow. It’s great to see Taylor, Danica, and Sugar. They really complimented Craig with this song. I would love to be there watching it in person. I am thoroughly enjoying this performance.

Next on the stage is Howzier with “Take Me to Church”. His voice is so deep and rich. Wow, I like this song sung originally. It is very dramatic and compelling. Yeah I wish I was sitting in the audience. I need a fairy godmother to whisk me away to a seat just for me up front. That was a really cool performance.

Chris teams up with Luke Wade, Ryan Sill, Ricking Manning, and Taylor Phelan to sing “Dedication to my Ex”. I am excited about Luke and Taylor. I don’t think I have ever heard this song. I love to hear Luke sing. I miss hearing Taylor sing. I am a big fan of his. There is so much going on on stage that it is distracting from the song. I wonder if the original sounds like that.

Matt gets to sing with Fall Out Boy. They perform one of their new songs “Centuries”. This is awesome. I wish I was there. Maybe if I say it enough I’ll just blink there. It is so cool he gets to sing with them and he stands up against them while performing. If they ever tour together I’ll have to buy that concert ticket. This is my favorite performance of the night so far. Wow, Matt can sing anything. I’m so jealous of everyone in the audience.

Danica, Sugar, Brianna, Mia, and Gene comes together to sing “Bang Bang”. The women are definitely something on stage. Those girls sing it out. Each and everyone looked fabulous and put on one heck of a performance. They rock that out like only empowered women can. Definitely was a powerhouse performance.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars perform “Uptown Funk”. I have never heard this song. I like the funk. Bruno Mars is wearing gold curlers, lol, smh. Those curlers are distracting. I like the song though. It has a very good beat. Did he run out of time before going on stage and was forced to go out in those curlers? Dang it, he is disrupting my enjoyment of this radio hit. That’s it; I can’t wait to hear it on the radio. That was great except for the curlers.

Craig gets to join Lynard Skynard for “Sweet Home Alabama”. I just miss everything when I’m viewing the show from my living room. Craig is made for this song too. They are rocking out. This is one heck of a lineup for a finale. What I wouldn’t give to be sitting front and center in a judges chair.

Meghan Trainor is up next with “Lips are Moving”. She sings “All About the Base”. I like that song and I like this one too. Her melodies are really catchy. I like that is an average size woman too. I would like to go to one of her concerts. This is the first time I have seen her in person. This song is going to be in my head for a while. Boy, she gets down singing her song.

Damien sings with Jennifer Hudson. They perform her new song “It’s Your World”. I watched her on American Idol. She looks hot in that dress and her voice is seasoned now and so is her performance. I like this song too. Dang see what I miss on the couch. I am just so upset I am not sitting in the audience for these great performances. You’re probably tired of hearing that but I keep thinking it. Wow…

Ed Sheeran performs “Thinking Out Loud”. I just love Ed Sheeran. His music is special. I can still remember how mesmerized I was when I first heard one of his songs. He is captivating. I love his red hair too. He isn’t your typical rock star but he seriously makes it work. I would definitely go to one of his concerts. Now I’m going to enjoy his performance.

Matt brings back Taylor Phelan, Mia, Sugar, and Taylor John Williams to sing “Go Your Own Way”. I get to hear Taylor Phelan but not enough. Sugar stands out but I don’t like this group performance. I wish they would have done a different song. There are so many of my favorites singing. I wish I liked the song choice.

Damien is up next for a bring back performance. He sings “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” with Anita, Elijah, and Danica. Finally I get to see Elijah perform again. I really wanted him to win in the very beginning and was upset when he didn’t make it. They harmonize really well but I am waiting to hear Elijah and there he is. I wish he was singing this song himself.

Chris Jamison performs with Jessie J. They sing her new single “Masterpiece”. I have never heard this song, let’s see if I like it. I was unsure in the beginning but once the chorus hit I was totally into it. It’s very unique. I will remember this song. Chris does a great job too. I enjoyed that a lot.

The judges get together to sing a special performance of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. Blake’s voice is made to sing Christmas songs. Wow, Gwen looks amazing. Adam looks dapper and is pretty good himself at Christmas music. Maybe it’s just something special about singing a Christmas song. Each of the judges look and sound great. Gwen looks and sounds like a Hollywood starlet.

Now it’s time to find out who won The Voice Season 7. Fourth place goes to Damien from team Adam. Third place goes to Chris Jamison from team Adam. Holy crap that means it’s down to Matt and Craig. Come on Matt, you got this! The winner is Craig Wayne Boyd. I have to give it to him. Craig almost got voted off twice in the beginning and was a powerhouse during all the lives. I am glad that Matt came in second place. I will definitely be looking for Matt’s music, and I do mean all of it. Then Craig performs his new single “My Baby’s Got a Smile on her Face”. Congrats Craig!!!!!

Well this means this is the end of The Voice for season 7. The show I am looking to come on and replace this one is So You Think You Can Dance: Season 12. Stay tuned…

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