Keeping Up with The 100: Season 2, Episode 8 “Spacewalker”

I’m so excited to still get to see another episode of The 100 before they take a break until 2015. Last time, we learned that Abby and Clarke can save Reapers as they detox from the drugs Mt. Weather fed them. So Lexa has agreed to team up to get their people away from Mt. Weather but she is calling for Finn’s death.


The Grounders bring Clarke back to the gates. Clarke gets Finn out of their line of sight. She tells Abby and the group that there is a chance for a truce. She tells them they have to give up Finn for a truce. Raven is not down for the truce. Finn knows it’s blood for blood over what he did at the village. Then of course all hell breaks loose between the people of the Arch. They call Finn the Spacewalker. Raven hits a guard and is arrested. The people claim Finn should have been floated on the Arch.

One year before that, he is helping Raven study for her engineering testing. Raven wants to pass to make her life better. Finn got her a birthday present. It is an origami raven necklace. Finn is remembering that when Murphy sits down with him. Clarke and Bellamy come report they are doubling up on guarding posts. Clarke goes to talk to Lincoln. Clarke blames Murphy for not stopping Finn. Lincoln is still coming down off the drug. Abby wants to know if there is a way to make piece. The riders outside are waiting for Finn. Lincoln says she will kill everyone. Finn killed 18 people. They will burn him first, then take his hands, tongue, eyes, and at sunrise the commander will cut his head off with a sword. He must suffer 18 deaths. Abby lets Raven out with the promise not to interfere. Jaha thinks they should give up Finn.

Clarke goes to find Finn. He is packing to leave. He is putting everyone in danger and he feels he might need to die. Clarke is making excuses for him. He admits to only trying to save her. He tells her he is in love with her. He wants her to be okay and forgive him. I don’t know that I would be able to forgive him for killing 18 innocent people no matter the circumstances. Loud yelling starts up outside the fence. Are they really going to war when they should be fighting Mt. Weather. But I have to think how they feel losing 18 people. It would be our equivalent of the death penalty to the extreme. Abby goes out to the gate to tell them they will fight rather than give up Finn. A horn blows and they ride back to the Grounders.

Kane is on his way back by himself. The Grounders released him. He says it is safe for the moment. He managed to buy them a little time. Abby is keeping the job of chancellor until everything is over. The Arch people will put Finn on trial for war crimes. They are supposed to kill Finn themselves if it comes to that. Kane thinks it would be the most merciful of judgments for Finn. Bellamy and Raven think Abby is going to give him up. Raven remembers back a year when she aced the test. She got a perfect score. She failed the physical because of a heart mummer so she isn’t allowed to spacewalk. Finn probably went to jail for helping her spacewalk back them. Bellamy wants to take Finn to the drop ship because he thinks they are going to give him up. The Arch people are already turning on him.

Back a year ago, Finn surprises Raven with a nametape that goes with a space suit. He borrowed it from the maintenance bay. He is sending her out to make a repair. She gets her wish to go outside. She gets to see the Earth up close. Abby, Kane, and Octavia broach the subject with Lincoln. His people would kill her for being weak. They will not allow the Arch people to put him on trial. Indra is the devil on Lexa’s shoulder. Abby wants to connect with Indra. Finn takes off for the drop ship with Clarke. The others have split off. A Grounder attacks Finn. He tells him he doesn’t want to shoot him and lets him go. Maybe that will go a ways towards keeping him alive. Raven and Bellamy are waiting at the drop ship when Murphy shows up. Raven invited him. Raven thinks back to when she was floating in space. Finn is calling her to come back inside. The outer door calls a breach. Finn interrupts her thoughts when he runs in with Clarke passed out. Finn disappears out of the drop ship.

Abby is meeting Indra and two of her guards. Abby plays on how many of their people have already died. She thinks Abby ordered Finn to run. If the Grounders don’t get Finn they will attack. Abby wants to end it without further bloodshed. She says only Finn can die for what he has done. Finn apologizes for hurting Raven. When Clarke wakes up she leaves her and Finn alone. He thought she was dead because of him. She doesn’t want what he did to define him. Bellamy calls them out because they spot Grounders. They are surrounded.

Back on the Arch the alarms are going off claiming a seal is broken. She took her helmet off and is running out of air. He overrides the door and gets her inside before shutting the door. Now people on the Arch know someone was in there. Finn makes her take off the suit so he can put it on. He says he will go to the skybox and get a review before they float him. Raven is of age and would be immediately floated. The Grounders are staying out of range but close. Raven wants Murphy to claim responsibility. If they want a murder she will give him one. Finn makes her stop and says they can do is stay and defend this place. Finn splits them up to protect the ship. Finn says goodbye, he is going to give himself up. He tells Clarke to be careful. And yup, Finn gives himself up. Can’t say I’m surprised but I really liked Finn’s character before he killed those villagers.

Raven remembers back after Finn was put in the space box. Her superior cleared her to spacewalk even after failing the physical. That has to make her feel worse for Finn being locked up. The Grounders are building the stake for Finn where the people can see it. Abby tells Raven there is nothing they can do. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy turn away. Clarke wants to go talk to the commander. Raven gives her a knife. If she won’t let Finn go then Clarke is supposed to kill her. I don’t know if Clarke could do that. She goes out there alone. Kane wants to let her try. She stands at Indra’s spear until blood runs to get through to talk to Lexa. She asks Lexa to stop it. She wants her to show the Sky people how powerful you are. She says they are what they are. Clarke claims she is a killer that killed 300 hundred Grounders with the fire. She claims responsibility for what Finn did. Lexa says he will die for her then. Will she kill her? She asks to say goodbye. Oh crap, is she going to kill Finn so he doesn’t have to suffer? She kisses him goodbye and tells him she loves him too. He tells her he is scared and she tells him he will be okay. He thanks her and dies in her arms. She did kill him. How is she going to live with that? Lexa calls them even and holds her people back. Raven breaks down in Bellamy’s arms. Wow…

Dang, now we have to wait until 2015 to find out what happens…

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