Keeping Up with Person of Interest: Season 4, Episode 10 “The Cold War”

When we last left off with Person of Interest, Root had disabled Shaw so that she couldn’t go help and risk all of them being caught by Samaritan.

The Cold War

Harold is ordering the weirdest sandwich I have ever heard. Harold walks through Chinatown until taking a downward stairwell and more stairs into a basement. OMG, his secret door is in a snack machine. That is so cool! Root is dressed as a huge teddy bear. Shaw is handcuffed to a bench. They want her to stay safe from Samaritan. The nasty sandwich is a peace offering for locking her up. She attacks that sandwich before letting herself out of the cuffs. If she is discovered she could expose them all. She agrees to stay put. Reese is taking care of the latest number. A woman is waiting for her husband at a restaurant. She is fidgeting at the table when a Samaritan agent shows up. Lambert sits down with her. He knows she is there to kill her husband. He beats her breaking her wrist and many other bones in the past. She is sitting there with a gun and she plans on killing him. Samaritan messes with her husband diabetes machine and he gets too much insulin. He dies on the way to the restaurant. Everyone wants to know why Samaritan is working the numbers.

Why is she drawing attention to herself? Lambert sends a message to The Machine that Samaritan says hello. They get a new number. Shaw is impressed with the way Samaritan handled it. Harold is worried about Samaritan being able to call the shots. She asks Roots opinion. Samaritan has been helping people all over for the last couple days. Everything is running on schedule and it is reaching out to The Machine. Harold is very concerned what will happen if they were to have an argument. Root thinks The Machine will protect them. He is concerned because she asked them to kill someone. What happens if they wanted to end world hunger so it killed off enough people to always have enough food? He makes a very valid point.

Greer remembers back to 1973 with his superior. His ordered to kill a KGB spy. He wonders why. His boss claims they need to kill him not flip him. In present day, Greer is with Martine and Lambert. Samaritan gave the police 2 dozen criminals. Shaw can’t be located. Martine wants her since she got away. Samaritan is going to give it 24 more crime free hours so The Machine can decide. Fusco is calling to see what Reese is doing. There hasn’t been a single homicide. Reese is following a man that has a detonator in his desk. SWAT comes in having already disabled the bomb and eliminated the threat for them. Shaw thinks it can be a good thing. Harold knows it’s the calm before the storm. Root is downtown and finds Lambert. He relays the message that Samaritan wants a chat with The Machine. He knows Root can speak personally with The Machine. Root tells him no. Samaritan is going to show them what she is capable of.

The Machine starts giving out personal digital data and all Hell breaks loose. Crime is on the rise, traffic is backed up, Samaritan is hiding perpetrator numbers, and Finch is looking into a number of his own. Fusco needs Reese to back him up. A witness protection list has been released and he is on his way with backup to pick up a witness. There has also been three shootings. Fusco wants to know if it was all planned. Greer is back in 73 where he comes across the KGB guy. He recognizes them both and kills Greer’s mentor. Greer shoots him in the stomach and takes him in his car. He calls his boss to tell him they have an agent down. He tells him he is going to question the target. Present day, he is discussing chaos with Martine. He thinks mankind requires oversight. People are arguing everywhere in stalled traffic. Crime rates have upped 50% from the day before. Samaritan is turning people against each other. Fusco calls Finch to tell him the witness and her husband were killed. He wants Samaritan to go down hard. Finch saved his number but was involved in an explosion. Root tells them 7 people have been killed today. The Machine is going to sit down with Samaritan.

Greer is with the KGB agent in 73. He is letting him have a last cigarette. He tells him about the man he killed; his mentor. He apologizes for killing his friend. Greer wants to know how he recognized them. His boss recruited him as a MI6 agent also. Blackwood wanted to hide the fact he was also a double agent. Greer lets him try to get to the hospital while he goes to ask Blackwood some questions. Present day, Greer is activating an asset. Lambert meets Shaw in a church. As she has him at gun point Martine shows up to hold her the same way. But Reese is waiting in the balcony with a big gun. Root and Martine put their guns down. Lambert passes Root an address. She is the only one invited. Reese holds the gun on them until they leave. Shaw is packing a go back to go help Root. Finch talks her out of it. He knows The Machine is watching out for her.

Root goes to a school where a small boy is sitting alone in a classroom. He has a hearing aid in his ear. This kid looks spooky. Root thinks its clever Samaritan is using a young boy. Samaritan wants to know what they did to her hardware that she can’t recognize Root. The Machine wants the humans to live in peace. Samaritan talks about humanities short comings. She wants to shape their reality. She wanted to meet The Machine and tell her she is going to destroy her. The question to answer is whether her human agents die in the process. Will The Machine let Finch and the others die? Greer remembers going to see Blackwood. He tells him he released the target. Greer pulls a gun on him. He calls himself a man without a country. He kills Blackwood after a speech about wars being antiquated. He burns his MI6 file. Samaritan wanted to meet the only other artificial intelligence. She wants to know why she should die and The Machine should live. The Machine was built with a moral compass. Samaritan is going to give the human race a firm hand. Humanity is the AI’s life blood. Samaritan is going to play God and rope humans under its rule. The Machine knows she can’t win. Samaritan wants The Machine to give her life for her human agents. They believe human life is to be treasured. Samaritan calls war. Fusco tells Reese three witnesses were murdered.

Reese gives Fusco a list of names of people in trouble and they split up to try to protect them. Shaw decides she is leaving safety to go help. She says goodbye to Bear. Lambert reports to Greer for Samaritan’s plan. Greer tells him they are going to start a new era. Samaritan will unite them all. Finch comes back to find Shaw gone. Root reports the AI’s conversation. He tells her Shaw has probably come to help her or Reese. Root has been sent to Wall Street right as it crashes. Samaritan tells Greer it has begun.

That’s it until January 6…

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