Keeping Up with The Voice: Season 7, Live Finals

On The Voice, it’s down to Damien, Craig Wayne Boyd, Chris Jamison, and Matt McAndrews. All of these artists are deserving of the winner’s spot but I want Matt McAndrews to win.

Live Finals

The artists will be singing three songs. They will sing a judge’s choice, an original, and perform a duet with their coach. I am seriously excited about the originals. I want to see what kind of songs they sing.

Damien performs first with “A Song for You”. He is such a talented singer. He puts his heart and soul into every note he sings. It’s crazy how much emotion he can put in a song. Damien and Adam perform “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me”. This is such a beautiful song. It’s crazy that the coaches sound so good with each contestant. The performance was very powerful. His original song is “Soldier”. I love this song for Damien. I can’t wait to hear this song on the radio. This song is perfect for Damien. It’s another chills moment.

The first performance by Craig is his original song “My Baby’s Got a Smile on her Face”. Blake gave Craig this song. It was a song he wrote years ago and never recorded. The song sounds like it was written for Craig. I really like this song. Craig looks like he is having a ball on stage too. Blake joins him on stage to sing “Boots On”. This is another country song I am finding I like. Blake and Craig sound really good together. I bet they work together after the show. His last performance is “In Pictures”. His rendition of this song brought tears to my eyes. It made me think about the time my husband has to spend away from our children. It was very emotional.

Chris’ first performance is his duet with Adam. They perform “Lost Without You”. The two of them have falsetto all over the place. They sound really good together. I wonder if they will work together after this. Chris’ original is “Velvet”. He certainly has opened up from the Blinds. He sounds really good singing it but I don’t like the song. It sounds weird to me for some reason. Chris performs Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River”. I don’t know about this, I don’t like Justin’s music but I do love him as an actor. I think I was prejudice against the song because I didn’t like Chris singing it either.

Now it’s time for Matt’s original “Wasted Love”. Oh this is my favorite song. I got chills right from the start and they lasted until the last note. I definitely want Matt to win. He is so talented it’s crazy. I’m going to buy this from iTunes. Adam and Matt perform “Lost Stars”. I have never heard this song before. They sound fantastic together but I don’t like the song. It’s kind of boring. I take that back, it got much better in the chorus. For the last performance of the show, Matt does “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. His performance was like velvet. He started off so soft and finished unbelievably powerful.

As for my favorites of the night, I loved all the originals except Chris’. I preferred his performance with Adam. Now it’s off to check out the music videos. I loved each one of them. I just wish when they were talking about love that there was some kissing going on to show the affection. By far my favorite original song was Matt’s. I truly hope he wins season 7.

Until the winner announcement….

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