Keeping Up with Scorpion: Season 1, Episode 12 “Dominos”

It’s time to keep up with Scorpion. Most of the TV show have been doing Christmas episodes, I wonder if Scorpion will do the same. I also wonder if Sylvester is going to be able to get over his fear to keep working with the team.


Paige shows up with Christmas decorations for the garage. Drew won’t be home for Christmas because he has to go throw for a possible team. Paige brought each one of them gifts. She gets them ornaments that represent them to put on the tree. She wants to know what to get Walter. The unemotional reaction hurts Paige’s feelings. None of them have had great Christmases. Walter and his sister are on the beach debating Christmas. Walter gets up to help a boy with his kite. Owen is at the beach with his babysitter. Walter got his sister into an experimental drug program but she doesn’t want to do it. She wants him to have faith.

There is a rock slide and Owen is trapped underneath. It created a sinkhole. Walter calls in the calvary. Back at the garage Happy is setting up dominos for a project Walter has them working on. When they get the call from Walter they hurry to the beach. Owen is trapped 14 feet below in the sinkhole. Water is filling the hole. He will drown in an hour and 22 minutes. The bluff is unstable. Owen’s parents are on their way back. Sylvester is scared being inside the cave. They get a pvc pipe to lower a phone to Owen. They use Skype to see how he is doing. Toby notices he is breathing rapidly and could go into shock. They let him talk to his parents on the phone. Their call is cut off when their battery dies. Paige tries to calm him down. Toby can tell his breathing isn’t right. He hit a rock when he fell and collapsed a lung. They can’t use scuba gear to help him breathe. Sylvester was wrong with his calculations, he only has 56 minutes.

They are trying to drill to him. They find out a rock has his leg stuck. Paige works on keeping him calm by talking about Christmas’ books. She tells them they will rescue him. They can’t amputate his leg because it will collapse the rocks. His sister tells him to keep faith. Walter goes back to look at his leg. Happy comes up with a vice that can work without collapsing the rocks. Walter wants to know why Sylvester isn’t at his peak. Toby goes with Happy to make the vice. Walter comes up with an idea for Owen to stop breathing under water. They get an ECMA machine. The water is still coming in. They drill a small hole. They get back with the machine. It bypasses his respiratory system. It takes his blood and circulates it with oxygenated blood. Owen is apologizing for going in the cave when he wasn’t supposed to. Walter is looking for Sylvester.

Walter goes in the hole they dug. He tells them that they won’t be able to get him out before the water covers his head. He inserts the needles and tells Owen no matter how bad he wants to breathe that he can’t. He tells him it’s like being in his mother’s stomach. Owen promises not to breathe and knock on the pipe. Walter swears he will come back for him. Walter makes it out but Owen hasn’t knocked yet. They finally hear three loud knocks almost a minute. Happy and Toby are almost done and then on their way with a police escort. Toby finds the letter Happy wrote her dad but she hasn’t told him who she is. Toby knows she is afraid to tell her dad. Sylvester is at the bus stop leaving. Owen is living all of his fears. Megan wants him to get over his fear and help Owen. Toby and Happy are following the cop until they hit a traffic jam. They steal a biker’s motorcycle. Paige wants Walter to see that it is a miracle Owen is still alive. The cave becomes unstable and Walter holds a rock up to move the ECMA. Sylvester holds the rock so that Walter and Cabe can move the machine. When the rock falls it cuts off the tubes carrying oxygen to Owen. They have to get him out now.

Walter wants to go down for him. Owen has been underwater for 30 minutes and only has one functioning lung. Walter is losing it. When the motorcycle runs out of gas, Toby takes off running with the vice. Walter goes running when Toby gets there. He goes back into the tunnel. Owen has been without oxygen for 5 minutes. Walter is risking being buried alive to rescue Owen. He has now been without air for 6 ½ minutes. The vice works and Owen’s leg is freed. Cabe heads down the tunnel to help Walter. He is pulling Owen up the tunnel when it starts filling with sand. Walter is trying to dig them out when Cabe grabs his hand and everyone pulls them out. The paramedics start working on Owen. It makes me wonder if performing CPR is doing more damage with a cracked rib and collapsed lung but the boy coughs up water and comes back.

Owen is in the hospital and the news is waiting for Walter to explain how Owen survived. Meghan tells Walter she will try the drug trial and keep fighting. The team goes to see Owen’s parents. They prayed on the way and he answered by sending Walter and his team. Owen wakes up and smiles at Walter. Walter isn’t going to talk to the press; he is going to leave it at a miracle. Happy goes to see her dad. He knew who she was the first time she showed up at his shop. After her mom died he couldn’t deal and started drinking. He wanted her to have better than him. Back at the garage, everyone is setting the table for Christmas dinner. Happy brings her dad to join them. They pass out gifts. The gang made a special present for Ralf. They have made a whole course that raises a Christmas tree and causes snow to fall on everyone.

This is by far my favorite Scorpion episode so far and they didn’t even save the world, just a boy.

Until the next episode…

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