Movie in Review: Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

I saw the first horrible bosses and I cracked up. This group of friends are such idiot’s but everything seems to work out for them in the end. I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I found out there was going to be a second one and Jennifer Anniston was going to be in this one too. She is such a funny comedian. Jason Bateman is someone I look for in a funny movie.

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

The gang is at it again in the second installment of Horrible Bosses. This is where we find out what happened when they got away from the bosses. Dale, Kurt, and Nick decide to be their own boss. They go into business together with an invention for a shower buddy.

Be warned I am only 46 minutes into this movie and I am dying of laughter so this movie review is going to have SPOILERS because it is just that funny. I have to talk about it.

The movie opens with the guys on TV talking about their invention. I could not believe my eyes. Nick is giving a lecture while Kurt gets into a display shower. The water won’t work so Dale gets behind the shower to use the manual pump to get the water working for the demonstration. It’s all being broadcast on live TV. These idiots, lol, Kurt looks like Dale is jerking him off and then it looks like he is playing with his butthole all while Nick narrates.

They get a telephone call from Rex Hanson, son to millionaire businessman Bert Hanson. Rex wants to buy to the invention at a one-time payment and outsource the production to China. Nick is not comfortable with a one-time payment and convinces the guys to turn it down. They try to change their minds when Rex tells them the payment would have been 3 million. They decide they can go it on their own. Bert has been listening from the other room. He liked their speech about keeping the jobs at home. He orders 100,000 units and calls the bank to push a loan through. Then he backs out of the order sticking them with 100,000 units and a $500,000 bank loan. They go to talk to Nick’s boss that ended up in jail. Dave is not happy to see them and tells them they are pretty much screwed and that they have no balls. He even draws them a diagram.

These idiots decide they are going to kidnap Rex and ransom him for enough money to pay off the loan. MF Jones helps them come up with the scheme of keeping Rex drugged during the whole kidnapping so they won’t encounter any problems with him. They decide to use laughing gas they are going to steal from Dale’s previous boss, Julia Harris. Nick is the lookout and Dale and Kurt go inside. They are using walkie talkies to talk to each other. Julia pulls up and Nick can’t warn them because Kurt and Dale are arguing with their finger on the radio button. I was cracking up. Then, OMG, Nick gets stuck participating in a sex addicts meeting that showed up while Dale and Kurt were inside. Only Nick thinks he’s at an AA meeting and makes himself sound gay to everyone else. Julia is all over that. From the first movie you could tell that woman was addicted to sex hard core. Well whenever some mentions a gay event Julia must end the meeting so she can try to change their preference. Nick gets her to go to the room and sneaks Dale and Kurt out. But this fool goes back to get him some. I think he just screwed himself into loving Julia.

These idiots also show up at Rex’s house with no idea how they are going to get in. Kurt uses Nick’s credit card to get in. I thought the card was going to break. It couldn’t have been that easy, no the card slides through the door and ends up on the other side fully intact. Dale and Kurt try to leave with Nick freaking out. Then the maid shows up to bring the dry cleaning. They get in after her. Nick wants to leave as soon as he gets the card but they convince him to stick to the plan. They watch Rex be atrocious to his maid on her birthday, not to mention racist. They end up hiding in the closet and see the maid scrub her crack with Rex’s toothbrush. The commentary from Nick, Dale, and Kurt had me rolling. It was gut busting when they watched Rex brush his teeth with it. I was dying….

I still have an hour. I’m so glad I found this movie. I’ll check back in an hour. I can’t wait to see what these idiots do. Oh my gosh, I paused it at the wrong time to start this post. Those idiots turned on the laughing gas in the closet and couldn’t turn it off. They passed out in the closet and didn’t wake up until the next morning. Dale’s wife and mother of his triplet daughters has been calling him all night. They are thinking they are lucky they weren’t caught. They are going to give up the plan. Then they find Rex in their trunk. He is playing and laughing his butt off. They should just grab him now. He walks into their office telling them he found them in the closet with the ransom note and a tank of nitrous. The jig is up folks. Instead of calling the cops he wants to partner up on his own kidnapping. He wants to add some of his own cut. They tell him they decided it was off. OMG, Rex sent the ransom note already and made it 5 million instead of $500,000. He is going to give them a million out of it. He is going to be the inside man. He will point the cops in another direction when it’s over. If they don’t cooperate he is going to escape and then call the police. Then he starts beating himself up. What the hell????? Now they are back to the kidnapping plan. This movie is too good… I’m going back to just watching.

I can’t wait. These fools call Bert Hanson and each one pulls a different mountain man country accent. Oh my gosh, I am shaking my head and laughing. This movie is a trip. Rex even played fully into being kidnapped. He even bought them food after the call went through. He doesn’t believe Bert will call the cops. The police are at their factory. Their employees start waving at them for cripes sake. The cops want to know if they have done business with Bert Hanson. They fess up and then Dale’s dumb tale mentions Rex being kidnapped. I can’t take it. They even turn it around where the patrolman says the cop said it. I can’t believe this. They send the employees home. Rex is in the closet crying because his father called the police when they threatened death if he did that.

Nick is always the voice of reason. It’s too bad that no one ever listens to him. Rex wants to chop off a toe and double the ransom. What the heck? He tries to sympathize with the financial predicament they are trapped in. Dale and Kurt are so stupid backing him up. He uses reverse psychology to talk Nick into it with a brain storming session. OMG, Dale used the freaking sharpie on another white board with very incriminating stuff. They come up with a pretty good plan. But I have to think their plan is not going to go according to plan. Nick agrees to the plan.

Bert is such an a$$hat. He is only concerned with the money. These fools are back to using their Dora walkie talkies. They are talking about code names and using real names. I just shake my head, what is the use of a code name if you are saying the person’s name to go along with it. Dang, they are on the walkies in the same dang room, really! Kurt never delivered the dark phone under the bench. He put his own phone with their contacts and pictures. What idiots, they call the phone so he won’t look at it. The plan is falling apart with no bell hop uniforms and Kurt’s disguise. When they leave the hotel room Julia is at the door. She wants to have sex with Dale or she will call the police. She collects cocks and she wants Dale’s for her collection. Dale is the only man that has never said no to her. Nick offers her a relationship. She wants them all at once as long as Dale is included. The two of them actually try to talk Dale into cheating on his wife. Oh my gosh, his wife is right behind them with their triplets. She overhears such an awful conversation. Julia comes out looking amazing.

Dale acts like he going have sex with her because his marriage is over and locks her in a room and they escape. He gives up the bag and phone. He refuses to give up the tie and jacket. Rex told them the gun wasn’t going to be loaded. How do you not see that a revolver is loaded? Nick shoots him in the chest. No he didn’t, Rex shot his dad in the back. He is framing them for his dad’s murder and he gets 5 million. He was hurt when his father called in the cops. Now he gets the five million and his father’s billions. Kurt plays his tape recorder and of course Rex takes it and crushes it. He demands Nick’s car keys and tosses the gun causing Dale to catch it. The writer for this movie had imagination. I have got to give them that! Then Dale blurts out Rex has blood on his leg. So he takes Kurt’s pants. Kurt is now wearing Rex’s pants. MF Jones shows up to save the day.

They lose the cops at the tracks then actually back up since they weren’t supposed to lose the cops. I can’t believe this movie. This is too good to be true. Rex is on his way to the warehouse when he starts punching himself. Oh man, since they are waiting for the cops Rex is going to get to the warehouse first, watch… Rex sees the cops and realizes what they are trying to do. They are driving a car covered in a fenced in cage. They are sparking everywhere. The tire is going too pop. No it isn’t they fall off a bridge and the fence stops them inches from the ground before it gives way and sets them right on the road. And then they are off again. MF is gone but they made it to the warehouse and so did the cops. They tell him Rex will be sneaking in but he is already there. Rex really plays up his father’s death. Dale, Kurt, and Nick are being arrested when Kurt’s phone goes off with the same ringtone Bert heard on the bench. Rex takes the cop hostage. He is going to get away with it. Dale loses it, he pulls the predator claw Rex gave him but gets shot before he can get to him. The cop takes him down and Rex is under arrest. Dale looks like he was shot in the chest.

Dale wakes up in the hospital. He was out four days and his wife is there. Julia explained everything about her affliction and Dale being her only resistant. Is she sleeping with Dale’s wife? She tells him she slept with him during the four days he was out. She’s taking his wife to the spa and swears she is going to sleep with his wife. They lost the business and it sold by someone who is keeping them on to run it. The boss is Nick’s old boss. He is running it from jail, really! That was one hilarious movie. MF Jones ended up with the 5 million. The bloopers are just as good during the credits.

If you like comedies and I didn’t turn you off with the hilarious play by play pick this movie up if your old enough for Rate R.

Until the next film…

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