Keeping Up with Elementary: Season 3, Episode 7 “The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction”

Previously on Elementary, Andrew and Watson are in a long distance relationship. Let’s see what case they are onto next…

The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction

Kim Holder comes to see Watson to find out what happened to her sister. She disappeared five years ago. Jess was last seen in her apartment. Kim gives her what she has for a file. Blake Tanner thinks she was abducted by a serial kidnapper. The smell of nutmeg was left behind. Five women have gone missing under the same circumstances. Tanner thinks the same man took all six and calls him “Pumpkin”. Kim knows the odds aren’t good Jess is still alive but she stills wants to know what happened to her.

Kitty tracts Watson down because Sherlock is bored so he wants to know what she is working on. Kitty takes pictures and sends them to Sherlock. He is willing to help and wants them to go to the profiler’s office. Blake refuses to let them look at his profile. Sherlock doesn’t like Blake. He gets his colleague’s to send him 3 copies of the profile. He deduces that the crimes were separate. He can’t say about the nutmeg but the crimes aren’t related. Sherlock wants to prove Blake wrong. Watson is a little off her game because her call got cut off that morning. Sherlock wants Watson and Kitty to find out what the extra key on Jess’ key ring is for. Kitty hums Beethoven while she checks locks. She used to play the clarinet. They find the apartment that the key fits and look around. Mr. Kramer is a lawyer that was cheating on his wife with Jessica. When he threatens to call the police Watson and Kitty let him know they found evidence he was supposed to turn over. He was out of state when she was killed. He shows them his tax returns. He wants to know what happened to her.

Sherlock has Ms. Hudson listening on the police scanner for the mention of nutmeg. Kitty is looking through past cases for the nutmeg connection. Sherlock is going through Kim’s things he tries to pawn the laptop off on Watson. She gives him the laptop and takes the box. As Watson was leaving she ran into an ex name Chris. Someone stole his medical ID. He wants her to find out who stole it. She won’t take money for it. Sherlock wants Watson to meet him at Sing Sing. He wants to know about Chris. On her laptop he found files on Raymond Carpenter. Kramer told her about murders his client told him about. She was going to come forward with the information. Sherlock wants to know if Kramer warned his client. Carpenter can’t see why he is going to cop to a murder. Sherlock offers him some perks at the prison. He wants on the gardening crew. So he can go outside a lot. He said Kramer tipped him and he outsourced it to someone who is dead now. He said Kramer knew that Jess had been murdered. Sherlock talks about releasing that information to tabloids.

Next, they go to a structure that was shot full of bullet holes overnight and reported by a custodian. It’s an outdoor performance area. Sherlock calls in “The Nose” for assistance. He smells the door and area around it reporting nutmeg, bleach, metallic, and sodium hydroxide. It’s a cleaning solution. It breaks down human bodies. The bodies were killed by different people. They are connected by the cleaner. Gregson is surprised by the illegal crime scene cleaning. Sherlock thinks it’s a word of mouth recommendation. The spice covers up the harsh chemical smells. Sherlock thinks he cleaned way more than 6 murders. They could clear a lot of cases by catching this guy. Sherlock stages Kitty’s murder so he can take out a wanted ad on the dark net. Kitty found the man who stole Chris’ ID.

Watson meets Chris and tells him the thief’s name and gives him a file so he can go to the police with it. Chris apologizes for their past. He doesn’t want to miss the next great person to come along. The next day Watson is going through crime scene cleaning certificates. Sherlock is intrigued by the mural of the school’s. Sherlock was arrested for his dark net tactic. Chris got the wrong idea and he is asking her out. Sherlock thinks she wants to be a more free spirit. He calls her a romantic terrorist because she is not happy with a normal relationship. She doesn’t want conventional. Sherlock is going to send Kitty to help go thru the files while he goes to see the mural. When he comes back he discovers that is was painted by a student. Nutmeg and mace are apparently made from the same tree. I didn’t know that. He found out about Conrad Woodbine. He worked as a crime scene cleaner for a decade until he quit 5 years ago and bought a couple art studios.

The superintendent lets Watson, Kitty, and Sherlock into see Woodbine. Sherlock immediately accuses him of disposing of corpses. Kitty breaks into the only locked cabinet and they find the nutmeg concoction. There are shelves of bottles. Woodbine limps back in and they bring him to the station under arrest. He claims they broke into his cabinet. Gregson goes over his cleaning record from the city. He claims to have quit the business because of the horror. Gregson and Bell know he just switched sides. They want the names of the people he worked for that killed tons of people. Sherlock wants to find a client they can get to incriminate Woodbine. They work on finding out who wanted each of the 6 victims dead. During the interrogation Sherlock looked into criminals that showed up at the time that Woodbine retired from the city. He finds the Armenian that ordered another crime family erased. Artem was the Armenian leader at the time.

Artem is in interrogation and Watson and Sherlock are waiting for Gregson. Watson left the night before to tell Chris she wasn’t interested. She has dinner planned for Andrew’s homecoming. Sherlock doesn’t think her flaws are to be like but accepted. He doesn’t want her to fit in where she isn’t happy. Sherlock wants her to find an arrangement that suits her. He finds her fascinating. They go in to question Artem. They offer him immunity to give him up. If he doesn’t they will offer it to the next person and they are going to take down everyone Woodbine worked for. He gives up Woodbine but the studio is empty when they get there. They smell nutmeg and Sherlock examines the sing. He finds a transplant of a patella tendon. Someone cleaned the cleaner. Isn’t that ironic? They figure he must have had an apprentice or partner.

Sherlock decides to take down his crime board to start with a clean slate. He wants to stimulate fresh thought. Kitty is taking the pictures down when she discovers the superintendent in one of the photos with Kramer and Carpenter. They go back to see Carpenter. He has three sons and his youngest worked for Woodbine. Jeremy told his dad after Watson and Sherlock showed up to talk to Woodbine. Jeremy killed Woodbine and cleaned it up on Carpenter’s orders. Sherlock offers his son a white collar prison for a confession and list of employers. Sherlock comes to Kitty’s room that night to tell her that she broke the case and show her coverage of the arrests. He gives her free range on the volume of her music. She changes it from grunge metal to Beethoven. I guess she is thinking about her past. Watson is at home setting up Andrew’s welcome home dinner. I wonder if she will tell Andrew she wants to see him but other people when he is out of the country. It would get kind of lonely for a relationship that is not currently heading towards marriage. I guess we will find out in the next episode…

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