Controversial… Who me?

Adoptive Personality is a controversial psychological thriller. This book is intended for readers age 21 and older. This book comes with a warning notice in the front pages. The story is graphic and depictive.

I wasn’t being coy when I said Eve is horribly abused. The prologue opens with the last scene of abuse Eve will suffer at the hands of her father. It is graphic and it will make you livid. A couple of people have decided not to read my book because it becomes too emotional to picture my character having to live through the abuse that has been heaped on such a young girl.

I took no enjoyment in writing the first chapter and the memories that unfold her life. I do not have any experience in this area. I just imagined the worst thing that could happen and then I wrote it down. They actually made me sick to my stomach to write. But they are absolutely necessary to understand my character’s frame of mind and motivations.

The hatred and outrage you feel on behalf of Eve is the motivation behind her revenge. In this case, she is my good guy and my bad guy all rolled into one. A book should illicit a strong emotional response in a reader. And I think Eve has accomplished that. The people who went on to finish the book told me how they couldn’t stop reading until something good happened to poor Eve and others told me they wanted her strength.

Eve tells the reader of her abuse while she is on the cusp of becoming a free self-assured woman. Her character had so many facets that material was endless. Eve starts out sad, lonely, and abused. As the book goes on she gets physically fit, more self-assured, devious, and discovers the real power behind her sexual allure.

She buckles down in school, stands up for herself, gains popularity, and she uses it all in her diabolical future plans. She is very intelligent and capable. When she needs big money, she decides to control the situation and become a stripper. Here, I was able to use great music and write some really steamy scenes and self-realization for my character. My favorite scene was the cafeteria scene.

Eve is confronted with sexual gossip being spread by her foster brother and bully. This was the first real time I had Eve pull out all the stops. The way she takes him down, that was by far my favorite scene to write besides the explosive ending.

During the time, Eve is finishing high school, learning languages, and taking college courses. She is also learning self-defense and training with guns. But that is not enough for her; she needs more control in her job. She decides to become a dominatrix. This is when I couldn’t wait to write another sexy scene. Eve still has never given herself freely to anyone but that must change. She has plans for the future.

The rush that she gets from commanding someone to do something sexually to themselves is a heart stopper. These scenes even made me feel empowered as a woman. I still get turned on reading those scenes.

Then it was time to bring it all together with the seduction of Adam. My overactive imagination and the many romances I have read provided me with the inspiration. I envisioned every way I could make Eve sexier than she already was. This is the culmination of the knowledge and expertise Eve has gained throughout her journey to revenge. These scenes make me blush.

And then there is the end… BOOM…

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