Keeping Up with Constantine: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 1”

Previously on Constantine, Zed and Constantine encountered the fallen angel. Zed is still recovering from her mental connection to the angel. Chas is back from visiting his daughter.

The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 1

The episode opens in a grand Catholic church. A man and woman have just had a baby boy. Anne Marie comes in to check on them. She sneaks gummy bears to the new mother. She says her goodnights to the baby Diego. Hugo tells his wife he will get her a glass of water and puts the baby down. Anne Marie hears things as she is walking thru the church. Sister Luisa scares the crap out of her. She claims the sound is mice. Back in the ward, mother and baby are sleeping. A creature with 3 finger clawed hands slits the mother’s throat and steals the baby.

Zed is drawing when Constantine brings her tea. He starts looking through her drawings. He can see her connection with the angel present in the drawings. She has been having nightmares since she touched the angel’s heart. She shows him a picture of an Invonchi, they are extinct. They are from Noah’s day and were wiped out during the last flood. Anne Marie is standing in front of Zed in a nightgown. He is speechless when he sees her. He immediately knows something is wrong. He knows she isn’t really there. She is in Mexico City. Zed goes to comfort her and her hand goes right through her. He wants to know how she knows it’s demonic and she shows him a burn her cross left her on her chess. She gives him an address and tells him to hurry. She used bio-location to talk to him. She must be desperate since she hates him. We see the baby is still alive. The creature locks it in a cage.

He is leaving his Spanish speaking Zed at the home base. He slept with Anne Marie once. She is the one that introduced him to the occult. She was at him with Newcastle. She threatened to kill him if she ever saw him again. He and Chas go and when they get there they find out it’s a convent. The police stop them before Anne Marie clears them. He is shocked when he sees Anne Marie is a nun. Chas gets a warm welcome. The father of the baby is a cop. Constantine wants to know why she became a nun. She thinks he wasn’t changed by Astra. He wants to know what kind of demon can walk into a house of God without breaking a sweat.

Zed is hearing things around the place. She goes exploring. Anne Marie leads Constantine and Chas into the run the mother was murdered in. Constantine finds a whole in the wall and wonders if it could be a wall dweller. Zed is still exploring and finds an empty space where a room should be behind one of the doors. Sister Luisa comes in being nosy and flirts with Constantine before leaving. They perform a spell with runes. They runes catch fire and they can tell it is very powerful and the child may still be alive. The family buried the placenta in the back yard for luck. On the way there Anne Marie brings up that she saw him leave her bed in the past to go straight to another woman’s bed. They dig for it before Constantine finds the fruit growing on the tree. It is human flesh and bleeds. The trees starts bleeding Hugo comes out of the house pointing a gun until he finds out it is Sister Anne Maria. Constantine tells Hugo his baby is alive.

Anne Maria, Hugo, and Constantine are having a couple of shots. His son’s soul is telling them that he is surrounded by a very dark evil. He was taken by one of Eve’s sisters. The sisters turned on Adam’s proposal and became queens of hell. Anne Marie tries to strengthen Hugo’s faith and Constantine tells him the harsh truth. He wants him to know that there are physical things that can be done to save the baby. Hugo gets a call finding out another baby has been taken.

Eddie runs into Zed at an art store and invites her out for a drink. They are talking over beers until she touches his hand. It looks like a room with a vault door. She invites him back to her place. The mother of the newest stolen baby slept through the kidnapping. Hugo finds out the second baby stolen is his grandchild. His son hid the pregnancy. The killer is targeting Hugo’s family.

Constantine uses the fountain outside to summon the reflection of the guilty party. Anne Marie doesn’t want innocents to get hurt. Constantine wants to find out who is taking babies. Chas reveals to Anne that Constantine has to have no real relationships if he wants to do his job. He tells her Constantine let her in too close in the past. He is spreading earth worms around the fountain from his special bowl. As he is reciting his spell Sister Luisa shows up. She questions him and threatens to call the police. He sees the worms scrambling and looks into the fountain to see her reflection. He discovers her true name and she turns into her demon self. She tries to drown Constantine in the fountain until he stabs her with his knife. She runs off.

Zed has Eddie back at Constantine’s place. She should have never left. Are the safeguards still up? She starts kissing Eddie and then pins him. She wants to know why. He tells her that her father wants him home and calls her Mary. Constantine tells them it is Eve’s younger sister. She normally eats babies so she took them for another reason. Anne Marie suggests going back to his roots. He takes them to see his grandmother to find out about Chile. He tells her Martina is dead and the babies are taken. She names La-bru-ha-ri-ya. Her grandfather was one and her father ran with his children. Constantine doesn’t have a spell to shut them down because they were supposed to be extinct. He knows they are behind the rising darkness. Anne Marie realizes that Constantine can’t care about anyone and do what he does. She went to the convent to hide after what happened at Newcastle.

Constantine decides to fill a chicken filled with Hugo’s blood. He will do a spell to make her think it’s a baby. Anne Marie needs to do the handoff. Constantine tries to trick her into it but she calls him on it. He tells her there is no price too high to save the innocent babies. Eddie comes to and tells Zed their father wants her back home. She spent most of her childhood in a locked room. He calls her the salvation of their family. They must be a damn cult. Two people show up and kill Eddie when she tries to use him as a bargaining chip.

Constantine and Anne Marie are getting ready to call the demon for the chicken baby. He tells her she shouldn’t feel any responsibility for Newcastle. She is the one who taught Constantine about the occult. She thinks he is her failure. He gives her an amulet that holds the demon soul mate. He kisses her before he leaves. She pulls him in for another kiss and then he’s gone around a corner to watch with Hugo and Chas. The demon shows up for the baby and Hugo gives them away because he can’t hold his emotions in check. I wondered why she would take the baby from Anne Marie since she knew her.

Constantine gets Hugo and tells him if he doesn’t let them handle it he is going to get his son killed. Hugo offers the gun, Constantine turns it down but Anne Marie takes it. The two of them and Chas head down into the sewer after the demon. Zed is running from the two people sent after her. She ends up getting rid of the room in the empty space room after they cat fight it out in the hallway. They can hear the demon down there but they have to split up to find the babies. Constantine and Anne Marie go one way and Chas goes the other.

Constantine and Anne Marie hear the babies. They get them out of the cage when the demon discovers the chicken wasn’t a real baby. John threatens to hurt one of the children unless she tells them why she is working for the La-bru-ha-ri-ya. She says her territory on Earth was going to be expanded. He threatens to drown the baby. She reveals they figured out how to break the boundary between Hell and Earth. He pulls the amulet on her and performs a spell that sets her on fire and sends her back to Hell. Anne Marie takes both the babies with Constantine behind her.

Zed is still trying to run from the man. He comes up behind her and stabs her in the neck with a needle. He is going to take her home. Chas takes one of the babies when Constantine and Anne Marie hear another baby’s cry. Then they see the La-bru-ha-ri-ya. They can’t run from it. It will catch them. He doesn’t know what to do. She shoots Constantine so it will go after him instead of her and the child. She quotes back to him anything to save the innocent, shot him, and ran off with the other baby. Constantine is left bleeding in the sewer. Well crap, I hate it when an episode ends like that. Thank God we have part 2 of the episode coming on next week.

Until the next episode…

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